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For a strategic partner to help mitigate risk without sacrificing business potential. P & C Risk Assessment services offer a  dedicated team of security consultants to bring a blend of real-world experience, technical aptitude and industry knowledge
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Security Personnel 

Security guards are common place in South Africa, but are only as good as their training reliability and trust worthiness. P & C Services only use the best

Armed Guards

Armed Guards

Our armed guards division is one of our strongest divisions. Our team have real life experience and are mostly ex-police and military trained.

Patrol Cars

Assets In Transit (AIT)

We offer Assets in Transit (AIT) service with armed guards &  lead cars for local and cross border high value stock  transits including drivers & vehicle tracking. 

Security Risk Assessments


Risk Assessment Meeting

Risk Assessment Meeting

We offer risk assessments to both commercial and private sectors but primarily deal with commercial sectors and companies that house high value stock and the transportation of these goods. The higher the value of your stock the more likely the risk of being targeted.

Our dedicated team of risk assessment consultants have a great deal of real world experience in the field. And also boast great technical aptitude and industry knowledge specific to South Africa and African countries.

The first step in any risk management program is a threat assessment, this is broken down into several sections that all deal with criminal elements. Each threat or weak point needs to be assessed and the threat curbed and ultimately eliminated.

There are many risks that can threaten your business and employers. We can assess these risks your company and staff may be subjected to.

We offer specialty services including:

 – Security Personnel
– Armed Guards
– Armed Escorts
–  Assets in Transit
– Patrol Cars
– Access and Bio-Metric controls
– Off site camera monitoring
– Panic buttons.

Security Personnel


BW_securityguard2Security guards are common place in South Africa, but are only as good as their training reliability and trustworthiness. The private security industry in South Africa is one of the largest in the world with nearly 9,000 registered companies and 400,000 registered active private security guards.


So why choose us? PC services offer professional and reliable, cost effective security guard services that are tailored to suit your budget and your Security requirements. Our guards regularly undergo polygraph tests and are assessed for their skills, reliability and honesty.


The prevention of unauthorized access to your property, theft, criminal damage and assault are key elements when assessing your security needs these are all real risks which must be addressed. Using the wrong security company can open your business or home to risks.  Our Security Guards all strive in the prevention of crime and providing protection to our clients and their property. 


Armed Guards


Armed Guards

Armed Guards

Our armed guards division is one of our strongest divisions and  our team members have real life experience. Our members are mostly ex-police and military trained. We also offer an Assets in transit service under armed guards. AIT staff are frequently targeted and it helps to choose the right company.

P & C services and staff have a great deal of experience in AIT and also specialise in cross border transits into Namibia, and Botswana.

One of the primary reasons for our success in the armed guard division and assets in transit division, is the training we provide to all our staff members. Every team member has undertaken extra specialisation courses approved by P.S.I.R.A. such as Cash in Transit, Armed Response, National Key Points, Self-Defense and Fire Arm Competency Courses.

We can offer you peace of mind when your goods are being transported anywhere in South Africa and cross border.





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