Covert listening devices bugs

Bugging and De-Bugging:  Do you suspect someone or a group of people and need to hear their conversations? Then we can help getting a bug or covert listing device installed and operational. 

What is a listening device? Listening Devices are electronic radio transmitters able to gather oral conversations or sounds and broadcast them to electronic radio receivers. Some listening devices perform one way communications, while others are able to send and receive radio communications.

What kinds of listening devices are there? For audio surveillance purposes, there are hidden listening devices and there are covert listening devices. Both types of listening devices are able to be deployed in non-obvious ways to rid notice of their operation.

There are many devices available that can help you to listen to conversations without being present.

Debugging: Covert listening devices aka Bugs are used more often than you may think. Be it within your company or at home there are possibilities that someone may be listening to your every move and word. This is when you may need our debugging services we can assist you in detecting bugs or listening devices in you company and home.

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